Exness Tournaments - The Sport Of Trading

Explaining Competitive Trading

Exness tournaments are events that set the stage for traders to dive headfirst into the world of trading, embarking on a quest to outshine their competitors and claim a coveted spot atop the leaderboard. It's where you can hone your proneness, and, of course, make money
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Everyone Can Win

Whether you're a novice trader or a seasoned pro, Exness tournaments have a spot for you. These events are a journey, where beginners can develop their trading acumen and learn valuable lessons from the seasoned experts.
It's never been so easy to start!
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Claiming Victory, Reaping Rewards

Exness has a prize for absolutely every taste. Cash rewards, account credits to expand trading opportunities and much more. And to find out what prizes are offered, hurry up and take part.
Wish you win!
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So step into the arena of high-stakes trading challenges with Exness, where fortunes are won and reputations are solidified. With Exness trader tournaments as your battleground, you'll discover a world where the winners are determined by trading and nothing more


How to join the Tournament?

Everything starts with registering an account. Once you've done that, all you need is to go to the tournaments tab and select one you like.

Are the tournaments fee-based?

The good news is that we offer a variety of tournaments with no entry fees, providing an excellent chance to win prizes without spending a dime. However, for certain high-stakes competitions, there might be an entry fee, so be sure to review the tournament specifics

Where's the leaderboard to check my standing?

In the Tournaments section of your Exness account. you'll find real-time leaderboards displaying your ranking among fellow traders, keeping you on the pulse of the competition.